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Fire and Smoke Restoration

A fire can leave you shocked and distressed. And its devastation does not stop after the fire is out. To extinguish the fire, firefighters hose down your house with massive amounts of water. The fire is over, but your house will be flooded with dark, murky water that can cause extensive damage in addition to the damage from the fire. You might think that this is a disaster that you cannot recover from. However, our team of experienced fire damage restoration professionals can help you get back on your feet. We can restore your property back to how it was and clean up everything that the fire left in its wake. We can also eliminate the smoke odor and restore all of your salvageable belongings.

FF Restoration Is Committed To:

  • Being available round the clock to respond to emergencies

  • Maintaining a team of highly trained water and fire restoration experts

  • Being capable of restoring homes regardless of damage and size

  • Being the preferred choice by local and national insurers

We Are the Most Reliable Fire Damage Restoration Companies Near You

We Respond Fast

Timing is critical when it comes to emergency response. Our quick response times allow us to reduce the amount of damage that fire and water can do to your property. Not only will it lessen the stress the incident will cause you, but it will also allow you to save money.

Know that we are always alert to any nearby fire incidents within our service areas. Once we receive news that there is a fire, we start preparing our equipment and personnel to respond immediately.

We Are Experts in the Field

We have the necessary tools and equipment to speed up the restoration process and ensure that any potential dangers are taken care of right away.

Our team is composed of highly trained restoration specialists, and they receive regular training to stay sharp while keeping up to date on the latest and innovative restoration techniques. They specialize in the following areas of expertise:

  • Fire damage restoration

  • Smoke odor removal

  • Fabric and upholstery cleaning

  • Water and flood damage restoration

We Have a Restore First, Replace Second Mentality

There will be times that replacement seems to be a better choice than restoring parts of your property and belongings. However, we have the right equipment and personnel that can make restoration a viable option.

We Deal With the Incident Efficiently and Systematically With You

Being a victim of a fire accident can affect your ability to organize your thoughts and think rationally. Once the adrenaline in your system is gone, everything will sink back in and could leave you in a state of shock. The most important thing when dealing with a fire incident and the damage it will leave you is having the presence of mind of knowing what to do next. We will help you in that regard.

We do not just restore your property to its previous state, but we will take you along and guide you to recovery. We will tackle this huge undertaking with you step by step. Below is our standard procedure:

  1. Inspecting and assessing fire damage

  2. Covering the property with a roof tarp and boarding up damaged areas

  3. Removing water and drying the property

  4. Cleaning soot and eliminating smoke odors

  5. Repairing damages and cleaning up the property

  6. Restoring the property to its previous state


If you need smoke or fire restoration services you can count on Family First Restoration to be there for you. We will get to you as quickly as possible and restore your property to its pre-damage condition.

Steps To Complete


Every minute counts. We’re here when it matters most. Here are a few steps to restoring your property.


Within minutes of calling, our team responds and is ready to work.


We stop the damage with industry-leading tools and experience.


Our certified professionals are skilled in restoring and protecting your location.

Back Safe & Sound

You will be back to your property in no time.

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